2010 to Current Tower Configuration


2002 to 2009 Tower Configuration


2009 to Current Operating Position


2005 - 2008 Operating Position


2002 - 2005 Operating Position


November 2010 Tower Work

Here comes the X7 Cushcraft Tri-Bander via the Crane.


Getting a little closer. Sort of slow going.


Finally got my hands on the beam. Time to attach the Coax Cable.



I think we finally got the beam sitting onto the saddle. Where are all those bolts? How many bolts are there? Just about done with crane.



Sure glad I don't need to pay Bill and Jay anymore money.


October 2009 Tower Work


Headed up the tower. Northwest three legs of the fan dipole are already loose and hanging towards the ground. Also in this photo is the HD UHF TV antenna and outside weather station.



I have just lowered the fan dipole assembly after securing the tool bucket and headed for the neck of the tower. Not seen just after this, is the temporary removal of the 6 meter (which you can see) beam, the 2 meter vertical (13 element) beam, the 70cm vertical (11 element) beam and the permanent removal of the 10 thru 20 meters HF ground plain that was on top. How about that 2 pulley system that runs our USA flag up and down. Old Glory really looks pretty cool out there in free space (there is a weight just below the flag) when the wind is blowing.



Well guys, here is the OM finally re-connecting all of the cable runs from the tower to ground blocks about 2 weeks later. The 10 - 20 ground plain was replaced with a 2m/70cm ground plain and the vertical 2m and 70cm beams are now horizontal in polarity and I have a real nice opening on the mast for the new HF tri-band (Cushcraft X7) band beam that should be complete very soon. Going need a small crane to get that puppy up there safely. How about those colored zip ties on the coax to keep everything straight. Boy,  that body harness sure seems a lot tighter than it did 2 years ago. Must have shrunk. HiHi.

 Photos courtesy of the XYL, Miss Faye.  See ya on the radio & 73, Steve WR9G